Some Last Minute Decision Day Thoughts From Admissions Mom as we get closer to May 1!


  1. I’m seeing a lot of questions about double depositing. Don’t take the risk of being rescinded for that. It’s not worth it. If you need more time, ask for an extension. Don’t wait for waitlist offers, pick your fave choice among the colleges who love you and commit. If your waitlist offer comes through later and you want to switch, all you have to do is let the first school know.
  2. If you need help paying for your deposit, you can use this fee waiver link.
  3. Need help with financial aid appeals? I haven’t personally used either of these websites, but I’ve heard from other counselors and consultants that they can be helpful:



College Admissions Consultant. Mindfulness in College Admissions. Author: Hey AdmissionsMom: Real Talk from Reddit.

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